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Notes From FMSC President:
It is July. I Hope all are well and cool. Our next club meeting will be on July 18th at Boogaloo's at the Catfish Bend Casino. Social time is at 5:30 pm and dinner is at 6:00. Nobles bring your Fez and your Lady. We will talk about upcoming events and parades. We were in Steamboat days where Don Wolfskill and Jack Hayes joined us on the parade route; I'm glad they were there. Anyone interested in riding with us let us know and we will try to find them a ride. We were at the Eagles club for hospitality after the parade. Hope all who were there enjoyed the meal. We would like to thank the EAGLES CLUB for the use of there banquet hall. Shrine Bowl is coming up in Cedar falls on July 21st, anyone who can make it--you won't be sorry and I'm sure you will enjoy it all. Enough said for now. Stay safe, cool, healthy, and happy. -- Ron Miller, President FMSC -- Tuesday 13th of November 2018

What's been going on...

          April is finally here, and we're getting excited about our upcoming parade season! President, Ron Miller has added a new golf cart as his parade unit this year and is also extending an invitation for any riders that would like to join him.
          Our monthly stated meeting for March was at the Parthenon in Fort Madison. We were sorry to hear that this restaurant is closing and will no longer be in our calendar as a regular meeting location. As an alternative, we have decided to choose the Palms as the replacement location, and we're willing to take suggestions for other locations. Keep in mind that if you have a suggestion, we need a place that has either a separate meeting room or an area away from the general public in order to conduct our meetings. A few ideas, so far, are at Pizza Ranch or Boogaloos in Burlington. Let us know what you think! (:
          At March's meeting, we discussed the upcoming Child ID Program that will be held on April 15th at the Westland Mall in West Burlington. We'd like to ask if you can lend a hand with this event, please come out and volunteer some time. You will be happy you did for the kids. If you'd like to help, contact Ron Miller, President FMSC at
          We touched on the topic of the Annual Gun Raffle and ticket sales, discussed ideas on increasing membership, and the hospital trips our drivers have had the priviledge of going on in the last few weeks. We don't have any more plans for hospital trips until May.
          Should you have any questions on any upcoming events, you can contact Ron Miller, President of FMSC through email HERE or view our calendar for that list HERE.
Come join us in the fun! And if you know someone who is interested in becoming a shriner, bring them along to one of our meetings!

Now, what's coming up...

          We will have our April monthly stated meeting at Green Bay Bar & Grill on April 18th at 6:00 p.m.
          The Child ID program is once again scheduled to be included with Burlington's Day of the Child to be held on April 15th at Westland Mall from Noon to 4 p.m. We would like to ask that anyone who'd like to volunteer, contact us and we'll get you set up to do so. We can use all the help we can get!           As a reminder our club has it's stated meetings on every third Wednesday of the month and we like to include our ladies for our dinners. We'd like to invite you to come and we hope to see you there. Everyone is welcome so if you know someone who'd like to attend, bring them along. We're planning on having discussions about upcoming events that will help our unit and the Kaaba Temple grow.

     To contact us about any event, go the the Events Page or contact us by clicking this link Contact Us.

     Remember to bring your lady (or girlfriend, or both if they get along), a prospective candidate and your fez. We'd love to see you there, and the food will be great!