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On this page, we would like to display links to pictures of various people, events and places. We're in the process of cleaning house and need more images to post! If you'd like to submit an image, click on the "Contact" button on the navigation menu and send an email directly to the President of FMSC ~OR~ click **HERE** to email the president through your preferred email client.


Here are some guidelines for submitting images

There are few guidelines that we'd prefer to be followed, they are:

If you see a photo that doesn't follow these guidelines, be sure to let us know by clicking **HERE** In addition to the above guidelines, I'd like to encourage a submitter to make use of the steps below. This makes it easier to display the pictures you submit:

Photos of Our Hospital Kids

We have two local kids that we support and transport to various Shriner's Hospitals for Children. Their names are Annabell from Iowa, and Jimmy from Illinois.

Annabell, with her parents Star and Bob, has been recently transported to the Minnesota Shriner's Hospital for Children. She is a sweet quiet girl with a bright spirit.


Jimmy, with his parents Lisa and Michael, have been recently transported to the Chicago Shriner's Hospital for Children. He is a lively teenager that enjoys playing videogames.


2016 Child ID Event

These images were taken by Ron Miller and Amy Miller at Pzazz Hotel in Burlington, Iowa at the 2015 Potentate's Ball for Vernon Rode. There are images of the divan and other counter-parts that attended the gala along with other nobles and their ladies. Everyone seemed to have a great time, with the exception of a piggy-back ride gone bad...there were smiles on everyone's faces! Enjoy the photos!


Facebook Albums

Photos from our Shrine Circuses

Another event we'd like images of is the annual Shriner's Circus. There are always large crowds that turn out to see the animal acts and performers at the events. So far, for the past three years, there have been performingbig cats, including a Liger (Lion/Tiger hybrid), dancing dogs, elephants, camels and clowns along with acrobats and dare devils on motorcycles in a circular cage. The Kaaba Shriners have given away a few bikes during the circuses in previous years and overall had a great time. Again, in order to get us your images, click on the "Contact Us" fez on the left OR click **HERE** to email the president through your preferred email client.


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